According to the Left, Americans are to blame for all disease outbreaks and violence, while all illegal immigrants are absolved of everything, even murder

Democrats are in continued desperation mode to get more voters to cheat the system so they can take back the tyrannical power they had under the former ruthless Dictator Barrack Hussein Obama. In 2019 and 2020, you will witness more planned and staged Antifa violence, more caravans of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the border, more disease outbreaks and murders caused by those illegal aliens, more fake news about the non-existent Trump–Russia collusion, a massive Democratic-led gun confiscation campaign, a pandemic of opium-based prescription drug overdoses, and massive attempts to impeach a President who constantly calls out the lies and fake journalism that supports all these evil plans to turn America into a Socialist-Communist police-state nightmare.

In America, nearly all mainstream media is controlled by the Deep State and the Globalists, who know that illegal immigrants can shift the election in 2020 and help the Democrats win, since tens of millions would all vote for free food, free healthcare, free income, and immunity from all laws.

Meanwhile, the Democrat’s main goal and sinister plot is to broadcast the huge lie that all of these illegal immigrants are kind, peaceful, healthy people who never hurt a fly, and deserve the “American Dream” the second they illegally cross the wall-less border into the “Land of Milk and Honey.”

In the U.S., the term “sanctuary city” means illegal immigrants can rape, steal, murder, and spread diseases they brought with them, and there are no laws to stop them

It’s not difficult to notice that whenever there is a disease outbreak, say the measles, hepatitis, HIV, or tuberculosis, the mainstream press immediately blames unvaccinated U.S. adults, teens and children. The goal there is to sell more toxic vaccines and defer attention away from the sick and diseased illegal immigrants that flood into our country from the Southern border daily.

Sanctuary cities were created and are perpetuated so more illegal aliens will rush to them and remain there, free to break all laws, including voting illegally for Democrats who promise them more protection in the future.

Whether an illegal immigrant belongs to the MS13 gang or is simply raping and murdering the children they were paid as “coyotes” to bring across the border, it doesn’t matter to the Democratic leaders because recapturing power is the end goal, and at all costs.

It’s not looking too good for the sane citizens who are living to protect the Republic, the Constitution, and our health. The Left now controls all social media, Google, YouTube, and all major networks (except a few select Fox News hosts). Anyone who seeks actual real news about the struggling Republic of the USA must turn to ZeroHedge, Natural News,, and other independent media websites that haven’t been bankrupted by the corrupt Left and the Globalists.

The irony strikes when illegal immigrants sicken, rape, and murder the very Democrats who support their illegal migration into the USA

Most corrupt politicians are all for anything that gives them more power and control, but when tragedy hits home, reality sets in, and it’s a whole different story. Rich Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and internet tech gurus all scream for “no walls” and “no border police” and “no borders” and “sanctuary cities!” Meanwhile, they keep guns in their homes, build huge barrier fences and walls around their prestigious multi-million-dollar estates, and secretly pray that illegal immigrants and Mexican gang members don’t rob them, rape them, murder them, or give them deadly diseases.

The more Democrats support the illegal flood of foreigners into the USA, the more our country will resemble European countries, like Germany, Italy, and France, that are currently struggling with mass rape, murder and disease issues due directly to that policy of open borders. Folks, socialism is communism, and anyone who supports it and claims otherwise is an insidious liar who supports the complete elimination of the middle class and who would also love complete Republican genocide. A civil war is brewing – which side are you on?

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